Voyria tenella (cross section of shoot) happy about beeing watched Coast of Gozo/Malta Seedling of Ginseng (Panax ginseng) young root of Afrothismia winkleri (Burmanniaceae)
section through a secondary haustorium of Pedicularis palustris (Scrophulariaceae) Group of Prof. Dr. H. Chr. Weber

Spezielle Botanik

Parasitic and Mycotrophic Flowering Plants:
structural, ecological, and phylogenetical aspects.
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Revised on 04.06.2004 by Stephan Imhof
guillotine-like prong in the haustorium of Nuytsia floribunda (Loranthaceae)
seedling of Viscum album (Viscaceae) Boschniakia rossica (Orobanchaceae) young root system of Voyria tenella root hairs of Voyria aphylla making contact ot neighbouring root
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