Dictyostega orobanchoides (Hook.) Miers

Inflorescence of Dictyostega orobanchoides Dictyostega orobanchoides is one of the more widespread species of the Burmanniaceae. It ranges from Mexico in the north to Southeast Brazil in the south. It splits up in three subspecies, the specimen shown here is ssp. parviflora.. Unlike most others "saprophytes" it can grow as high as 50 cm, which is remarkable considering the thin stem.
Dictyostega has a classical rhizome, giving rise to filiform, up to at least 4 cm long roots. The mycorrhiza, however, is not restricted to the roots, but show a distinct colonization pattern between and within the scale leaves of the rhizome, too. Read more about it in: Rhizome of Dictyostega orobanchoides

Last revised on 1st October 2004 by Stephan Imhof