Voyria aphylla (Jacq.) Pers.

Flower of Voyria aphylla Voyria aphylla is the most widespread species of its genus. It grows in sandy as well as in humous soils, in secondary bush as well as in mountaineous cloud forests (picture to your right. The bended bud is unusual!). And, probably because of its wide ecological amplitude, it is not as rare as many other Voyria species. PlantFlower of Voyria aphylla
Two Voyria aphylla growing on a trunk of a palm It has extremely small, threadlike seeds, which can be taken away be wind or even the weakest air current. Hence, it is not surprising to find it growing epiphytically when other conditions are favourable as well (picture to your left). The root system is a miniature version of the root systems of Voyria truncata and Voyria tenuiflora. More details has been published in:
A preliminary report has been given at the 13th Symposium Morphology, Anatomy and Systematic, April 7-11 1997 at Leuven/Belgium (abstract).
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