Voyria tenella Hook.

With its tiny single flower, the thin, unbranched stem, and the reduced root system Voyria tenella is the most progressive species in the genus and therefore the most advanced gentian at all.
Flower of Voyria tenella Habit of Voyria tenella, the harmonica serves as a scale Flower of Voyria tenella
The scale in the central picture is a harmonica (stupid idea).

Root system and a young specimen of Voyria tenella Unlike the other Voyria-species Voyria tenella is easily pulled out of its substrate (mostly leaf mold, or decaying trees. It also tends to inhabit older ant-piles!) without loosing the roots. The root system (see the picture to your right) can be interpreted as an extremely reduced form of the other Voyria-species mentioned in this gallery. It appears like a 'morning star'. Young specimen bear a nodding flower.

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