Leader of the group Morphology and Systematics of Flowering Plants (together with "Mycology" (Prof. Dr. G. Kost)we represent the Department "Spezielle Botanik und Mykologie").at the Fachbereich Biologie. Organizer of the Third International Congress on Symbiosis. Research on parasitic flowering plants (like mistletoe, broomrape, dodder) and arbuscular mycorrhiza of gentians, ginseng, medicinal plants, ornamentals.

Picture of Hans Christian Weber
Prof. Dr. Hans Christian Weber
Morphologie und Systematik der Höheren Pflanzen
Spezielle Botanik und Mykologie
Fachbereich Biologie
D-35032 Marburg

Tel.: ++49-(0)6421-2822091
Fax: ++49-(0)6421-2822057
Email: weberh@mailer.uni-marburg.de

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Lectures and courses (german)
Publicationlist 1973 - 1979
Publicationlist 1980 - 1989
Publicationlist 1990 - 1999
Publicationlist 2000 - 2004

Scientific Career

1968-1974: Study of biology at the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen
1974: Master thesis ("Biology and parasitism of Tozzia alpina L., Srophulariaceae")
1974-1976: PhD - thesis ("Structures of haustoria of parasitic Scrophulariaceae")
1976-1982: Assistant at the University of Ulm (Department of Spezielle Botanik)
1982: Habilitation ("Terrestrial root parasitism")
since 1982: Professor of Botany at the Philipps-University of Marburg, and additional
1984 - 2000: Director of the Botanical Garden of the Philipps-University.

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